Performance Marketing

What it is

  • The essential components of the work on the performance-approach:
  • When you can see how many orders or sales every advertising channel and campaign has gave
  • When sales or CRM data are used to manage advertising
  • Work on the result!

When to use

  • Performance-approach is necessary in the following cases:
  • When the strategy of attracting customers involves multiple advertising channels
  • When there is a goal to scale an advertising campaign with the activation of the tools with the implicit efficiency
  • When constant monitoring of the effectiveness of advertising budgets and the cost of the customer acquisition is needed
Perfomance Image

How it works

Performance-Marketing is being built around sales data. The use of this approach is impossible without integration with your CRM system, so the minimum threshold for work is its presence or its introduction. In some cases (for example, for online retailers) CMS of a website can be used as a CRM system on the condition that the current status of the transaction in it is relevant.

With the characteristics of the project, the strategic (for example, the ROI) and tactical (eg, the cost of application registration on the site) indicators are being determined. Considering these data the primary setting and subsequent optimization of each advertising channel is being made: for example, an adjustment of rates, targeting accuracy, and changes in the key channels list. In some cases, the decision to connect new channels is being made.

Firstly, such an approach works when efficiently manage advertising channels (PPC) are used, and due to the rapid response possibility, allows to obtain the best value from each of them. However, for the channels that are more inert to the control effects (eg, SEO) the usage of sales data also helps to make the decisions during the strategy correction.

What you get

In addition to the sales increase and profits of your company, you get a built, scalable system for managing and marketing assessment and considering the data, making suspended decisions about the future development of your business.

If you are focused on the result or you have questions about this kind of approach – contact us and we will be glad to answer all of your questions.