PPC: Contextual and Targeted Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the most effective and flexible tool to quickly increase sales, allowing us to quickly control the flow of customers.

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The PPC tools:

  • Search and contextual advertising (Google.Adwords)
  • Targeted advertising on social networks (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Video advertising on youtube.com
  • Remarketing — the targeting of ads at users who have visited the website on all these platforms

We offer solutions that help our clients to increase sales and increase the efficiency of marketing investments

  • We build effective strategies for displaying advertising messages to the target audience in the right place and at the right time.
  • We customize and launch advertising campaigns.
  • We increase the return on investment in advertising on the basis of data on sales and the cost of the target action.

We have successful experience in various industries: from increased sales of medical centers and online stores to promoting manufacturers, B2B services and Internet services. We love challenges and clear goals.

Organization of work

Each project is controlled by each online marketer who connects a content manager, a web developer, a designer and a specialist in usability to work. The coordination of all customers’ contacts with the team is implemented by the account manager.

Every marketer has at most 10 clients at the same time. This allows monitoring projects efficiently, planning the work, conducting analytics, shaping the initiative and making decisions to improve efficiency and the use of new tools and targeting in a timely manner.

All professionals that work with advertising campaigns are certified in the systems of contextual advertising such as Google.Adwords and Google Analytics.

We work on the result and use analytics

Individual strategies

Each project is begun with immersion in the customer’s business and a clear definition of tasks, target audience and competitive advantages of the product or service. It helps us form effective strategies for advertising and converting visitors into sales.

Under the strategy, we select the best set of advertising tools, targeting and messages that are aimed at attracting and retaining customers, and resales.

Intelligent selection of key phrases

Hand-picking of the semantic core for contextual advertising allows you to get a full and accurate list of task requests, which corresponds to the task of promotion.

In the selection, we use tools to analyze the activity of competitors and search non-obvious queries, and accumulated knowledge about the specifics of different markets and patterns, and the users’ behaviour

Full transparency

We generate detailed reports on the progress and results of advertising campaigns and accordance with actual expenditure and performance indicators to the planned ones.

Our clients can monitor campaigns in real time using a personal cabinet, in configured dashboards of Google Analytics, or directly into the advertising systems to which we provide full access. We promptly prepare all invoices, acts and contracts.

A systematic approach to improving the efficiency

Before launching advertising campaigns, we define KPI to assess the efficiency of expenditures of all tools and campaigns. We form a plan of data collection and stages of analysis for optimization of advertising campaigns in the future.

In the process of accumulation of data on the results of the advertising campaign (ROI, LTV, sales prices CPO) we use them for the gradual optimization of channels and to increase in efficiency of advertising expenses.

We show the results in sales

We customize the analytics system (Google Analytics). If necessary we carry out integration with CRM, accounting systems, and systems of call-tracking to build analytics to sales — the most accurate indicator of the efficiency of expenses.

Our own development department enables the integration of any system and expands opportunities to improve the efficiency of campaigns.

Constant campaign management and automation

We daily monitor and analyze the indicators of advertising campaigns and their optimization for the increase in ROI: we analyze performance and adjust queries sites, ads and bids based on the analytics with the use of automation monitoring and bid management.

Effective communication

We believe in the power of technology, but we know how important is to listen to our partners and to build effective communication in order to make technology work at full capacity. We do everything to build a productive collaboration and exchange information and increase the transparency of results and processes. Let’s get acquainted!