SEO: We Invite Customers From the Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) promotions – are actions aimed to improve the visibility of a website in organic search results. Proper promotion of the website gives a significant increase in targeted traffic from the search engines.

The height of position and visibility of a site does not happen instantly, but the increase of the site quality and its citation gives a lasting effect: the cost of an attracted visitor decreases with time and the investment return increases.

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The principles that allow us to achieve better results:

The integrated approach to optimization

  • Each project is getting started with a detailed analysis of the index and the technical settings of the site. We fix the errors and configure the correct indexing of the site.
  • We optimize key elements of all the pages, not only pages promoted by high-frequency queries. It improves the quality of the entire site and expands the coverage.
  • During the search engine optimization, we improve usability and conversion –the rise of positions increases the effectiveness of the site. This gives better positions and greater returns from a long-term perspective.
  • We analyze the sites of the competitors by dozens of criteria – from the content structure to the ways of payment, and form the recommendations based on a detailed understanding of the search engines and customers’ preferences in a particular category of specific requests.
  • In the train of the complex optimization, you get wide coverage of the target audience, a steady stream of targeted visitors and an increase in conversion.

Iterative work at all the stages

  • We iteratively make changes within starting optimization, to accelerate the growth and indexing position of the site.
  • After each iteration, we analyze the changes in position and completeness of indexing, to quickly adjust tactics when necessary.
  • We regularly analyze query statistics in the search engines and correct semantic core to enable the advancement of all the target phrases and to expand coverage of the target audience.
  • We test different versions of the landing page content to find the best option and get the maximum positions and the best conversion rates.
  • Iterative work includes a mandatory assessment of the results of each iteration and adjustment for further actions.
  • Such an approach allows you to get the first results in a short time, and to achieve better results in prospects.

The combination of automation and individual approach

  • We automate all the routine operations. We develop our own search result control system and the dynamics evaluation of the website’s results – the projects we promote and their competitors. This allows our team to focus on analytical tasks and identify trends in the SERP.
  • We pay maximum attention to the analysis and detailed work on recommendations considering the specifics of businesses and the features of the topics.
  • Our own system of monitoring and analysis of search results allows us to find non-obvious solutions. Automation of routine operations allows our professionals to focus on the individual characteristics of projects.

The usage of business-KPI for the evaluation of the progress of results

  • We determine and coordinate the indicators that best reflect the effectiveness of the business promotion. Set up analytics for data collection. We focus on these indicators during the correction of the promotion strategy and provide monthly reports of KPI dynamics.
  • Indicators depend on the specific niche and the available data: the cost of the target visitor attraction or conversion to the target action, the ROI of the product lines, regions and other sections, etc.
  • This allows us to estimate more accurately the impact of the actions and to focus on promoting the most profitable directions and requests.